Welcome! I’m a Career and Life Transformation Coach.

I’d love to help you get unstuck and move forward inspired to create the career and life you desire.

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You’re here because you know you were meant for MORE in your life.

But you’re stuck. You don’t know what’s next or “how” to get there, and it’s overwhelming.

You’ve tried everything, but you’re not getting what you want even though you’re “doing everything you think you’re supposed to be doing.” Nothing is working. Living and working in ways that don’t align with you is sucking the life out of you. To say it’s frustrating is the tip of the iceberg.

This is why I do what I do.

I help my clients breakthrough into full living through self-discovery and path creation. I’m talking about creating a new reality based on what you actually want for your life and career.

If you’re open and willing to a “new way of being and doing,” let me be your guide to build a career, life and future that’s even more amazing than you’ve dreamed of.

Are you ready?


Here’s how I can help:


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"Jen is the best! She helped me hone in on my passion and build my business as well as let go of things holding me down. Worth every penny! I'd highly recommend if you are trying to figure out what direction to take your life and where to spend your energy and time."
Hilary B.
"I found the guided homework to be extremely helpful and even fun and engaging. It helped me to explore possible industries and especially job descriptions I would not have paid much attention to before. Thank you for encouraging us to be open to the process and all the feelings/experiences it may bring."
MIT Professional
"Jen's coaching has helped me to identify purpose, direction, and strategy with my career search and 'life path'. If you're seeking a revolutionary approach to job searching and figuring out your authentic and natural place in the world, this is definitely the route for you."
Elyse L.
"Jen is passionate and dedicated without a doubt! She has helped me with career and life coaching for the past ten years. She has helped me with my graduate work and to secure amazing positions in healthcare, including at Massachusetts General Hospital. I owe my confidence in work/life skills to her!"
Nicole M.

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