Make Dances. With Friends.
For Good.

Dance for Humanity is an organization that provides an inspiring home for people who want to dance to live more alive and help the world thrive, together.

We aim to build a regenerative world for all people and the planet through:
1) Co-creating and Performing Choreographies for Ecosocial Causes
2) Practicing Healthy Embodiment and Relationship Skills Together
3) Facilitating Community-Building Dance Retreats and Workshops
4) Partnering with Others Building a Regenerative Future for All


A Conscious, Dynamic Balance of:

We belong - to ourselves, with the Earth, with each other.

  • Be open to evolving
  • Embody ourselves intentionally - our bodies, emotions, thoughts, and actions with as much awareness and skill as possible
  • Love what arises - practice compassion for self and others
  • Own our unique value - diverse perspectives, voices, and gifts
  • Communicate non-violently - thoughtfully express ourselves and listen to others
  • Grow regeneratively together - contribute to wellbeing of ourselves, others and the planet

Jen Earls
Authentic Dance Instructor, Choreographer, Performing Artist


When I was 14 years old, I was diagnosed with cancer (Hodgkin's Lymphoma). My mother began to research and discovered there was a high incidence of childhood cancer in my town, which seemed odd. Upon further searching, she joined a local group - UNITY - who worked with the Department of Public Health to investigate and discover that the cancer was likely linked to environmental pollution caused by a local manufacturing company dumping chemicals and contaminating the soil and groundwater, and likely impacting our drinking water. I was fortunate to live, however, there were others who did not. I dance for them and for all those who cannot.

During this time dance also came alive for me. It was the one place in which I felt happy, secure and free in my body. It has helped me heal and has fueled me ever since. I dance for my own continued healing and growth.

It only makes sense to me to come full circle - that we dance together for our own health and happiness, for the regeneration of our planet, communities and people, and for a brighter future for the upcoming generations. This is why I dance for humanity.

Jennifer Earls

Professional Bio

I am the Founder of Dance for Humanity and the Co-Founder of J & P Wellness Community. My passion is serving as an Authentic Dance Instructor, Choreographer and Performing Artist, specializing in improvisational, expressive forms such as Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement, as well as Salsa and Afro-Latin Dance. I love leading community-building dance retreats and workshops and guiding groups to co-create and perform choreographies for causes. I engage movement/dance, mindfulness, and healthy embodiment, social-emotional, and co-creation skills so we can move forward together to create a regenerative culture for each person, society and the planet.

As a professional Salsa Dancer, I previously performed globally with professional company Masacote Entertainment on notable stages such as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, New York.

I have also served as a Meditation Teacher, Holistic Life/Career Coach, and Group Facilitator with 11+ years of experience, including at MIT and in private practice.

Education and Credentials

I hold a B.A. in Psychology from Tufts University, M.Ed. from Suffolk University, Certificate in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, Koru Mindfulness Teacher Certification, Four Forces Interpersonal and Group Facilitator Certification, Contemplative Dance/Authentic Movement Week 1 experience, and Grounding Your Village: Ecovillage and Intentional, Sustainable Community Development course.

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