Looking for a unique retreat or workshop to leave your group feeling connected and inspired? Want to fire up your special event with dance? We have a suite of movement, mindfulness, life purpose and community-building offerings to meet your needs! 


Dance/Movement for Creative Expression & Empowerment

Dance Yourself Free!

Harness your power through dance. Express yourself with more confidence. Explore intentional techniques to relax and breakthrough to new levels of creativity and joy! Enjoy connecting with other dancers in the process.

Salsa & Latin Dance Instruction (for Corporate Events, Community Celebrations, Private Parties)

Synergize With Salsa!

Salsa will teach you how to lead, respond, and harmonize with yourself and others. Feel good in your mind and body, while mastering new skills for more confidence and joy on and off the dance floor!

Team-Building & Strategizing for Powerful Growth

Team Retreats

Create space for your team to rejuvenate and cultivate deeper trust. Learn new mindsets and skills for communicating better together. Clarify your team’s desires and vision for working together and for your work. Engage in experiments to enhance creativity and planning next steps. Move forward inspired together with cohesion and clarity!

Visioning & Career Development for Meaningful Life-Work

Get Unstuck

Move Forward Inspired to the Career & Life You Desire

Contemplative Career Counseling (for Career Services Professionals)

Utilizing Mindfulness to Enrich the Counselor-Client Relationship

Mindfulness Meditation for Enhanced Mind-Body Well-being

Free Your Mind

Mindfulness for Less Stress & More Joy

Master Your Mind

Unleash Your Potential

Inspirational Dance Performances

Jen Earls is currently available for Solo Performances

Jen's dance performances are based under the theme of “Movement with a Message”. They are designed to engage, uplift, and inspire audiences to awaken and connect more deeply with themselves, each other and the world. She believes that through the arts, we can learn to partner in more harmonious ways and intentionally channel our energy for greater healing, nourishment, exchange, growth and fulfillment for all.

Jen Earls has been a professional Salsa/Latin Dance Performer and Expressive Dance Choreographer and Artist since 2009.

Previously, touring with Masacote Entertainment Latin Dance Company, she had the honor and pleasure of performing domestically and internationally, including on such stages as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center in NY. She also currently leads empowering dance exploration experiences for the Boston Expressive Dance community.


"Jen is a professional, caring and inspiring Dance Instructor and Performer. She always brings her intensity and passion for dance into her instruction and all her classes, large or small. She is patient, detailed and has an infectious warm energy that is appreciated by all of her clients, students and friends."
D.J. D Martinez, Latin Music DJ, Boston, MA
"Out of my almost 8 years in this office, this staff retreat ranks as my favorite one! We connected better as a team and actually got a lot accomplished in regards to our planning and priorities. I walked away feeling really happy about the working relationships in our office...and the potential that our upcoming academic year held... I appreciated having a day where we all came together as a true team and got a lot done while having some fun too!"
UMass Boston
Staff Member
"I thought it was great, really one of our best retreats ever because it was not only instructive and participatory, but something that speaks to what our [students] (and we) need at this moment...[If] we could do this again next year too, I would be happy."
Matignon High School
"Jen's dance facilitation is very engaging. She evokes in people their playful and creative spirit. Her skillful instructions help dancers become progressively more embodied and energized. It is a delight to watch how she gets people connecting to each other, gradually uniting the group energy on the dance floor."
Marek Tresnak, DJ Luminus, Producer of Expressive Dance Events in New England Area
"Jennifer’s presentation came at the perfect time for me!... Jennifer helped me realize the importance of self-care and how to take better care of myself on the job and in my own time. For that reason, I’m forever grateful for Jennifer and the work that she does!"
Bottom Line (a service to help high school juniors and seniors get into college)
Staff Member
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